Data and Stats

•The USA Has the Highest Incarceration Rate in The Entire World.

•There Are Roughly 2.2 Million Americans Behind Bars.

•The USA Makes Up 5% Of the World Population, Yet They Make Up 25% Of the Prisoners In The Entire World.

•Blacks Are Incarcerated at More Than Five Times The Rate Of Whites.

•The Imprisonment of Black Women Are Twice That of White Women.

•Blacks and Hispanics Only Make Up About 32% Of the US Population, Yet They Comprise Of 56% Of All Incarcerated People.

•If Blacks and Hispanics Were Incarcerated at The Same Rate as Whites, Prison and Jail Populations Would Decline by Almost 40%.

•Blacks and Whites Use Drugs at Similar Rates, But the Imprisonment Rate of Blacks for Drug Charges Is Almost Six Times That of Whites.

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