A Day In Solitary (Lock Down Challenge)

I find that a lot of people refer to these blogs as complaints, and suggest that I just do my time or worry about myself. While I don’t mind people sharing their opinions, I do find it ironic that one can assume that prison isn’t as harsh as some may make it seem, or that I’m over exaggerating.

Which brings me to this lock down challenge. Since this pandemic began, a few of the people who I call have compared their lock down to lock downs we face, with comments like “I know it’s hard I’m on lock down too”. So let’s put things into perspective.

I challenge you dear readers to a real lockdown. It’s simple, go in your bathroom first thing in the morning, take a few comforters and your bath tub will be you bed. No cell phone, no electronics… Nothing except pen, and paper, and you have to stay there until the next morning.

That’s what men and women deal with daily in this penal system, and some have lived like this for 10, 20, even 30 + YEARS! This is what solitary confinement really feels like. Not even a window to stare out of. Since this Covid-19 virus has hit, we’ve basically been in solitary with the exception of having our TVs and being allot three calls a day.

Even if you last the night without cheating, do you believe you would last years under such circumstances. No breaks. People will naturally advice me, with foreseen retorts along the lines of, “stay out of jail” and I completely agree. But when does the punishment outweigh the crime.

This man or woman overslept, and didn’t stand up for count; should he be placed in solitary confinement for 90 days? Seems a bit excessive to me, may seem perfectly fair to others, but I would bet the house on the fact that whoever feels this isn’t excessive has never spent a day in solitary.

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Damn straight! People are so self righteous about what other people should do even when they have no idea what it’s like to walk a mile in that person’s shoes. People who receive great options in life fool themselves into thinking the best options for themselves are the best options for everyone. I guarantee if some of those people were given the choice between being a warehouse worker or a dishwasher for ten hours a day Or selling drugs for four times the money, they’d be out on the damn corner after six months of burning out on thirteen dollars… Read more »