A Life Snatched…

A good friend of mine has passed away or “returned to mama” as he would say. Mr. Delbert Africa was a political prisoner, and he served over 40 years behind these walls for simply standing up for what he believe in, which where the teachings of John Africa.

I was fortunate enough to receive a yes from Mr. Del when I asked him to record a couple interviews for me to post on YouTube. Please Listen to these interviews, because his story deserves to be heard. He was a part of a group called “MOVE”, and everyday I saw him I would holla at him, ” what’s good Mr. Del?” and he would reply the same everyday “ONA Move Buck”. But the days when we would just pull up, and he would spill his knowledge on me, were the days I will forever cherish.

He taught me to stay true to self, even after the city of Philadelphia murdered their kids, dropped bombs on their residential house, killing more of their children and family, he and MOVE continued to stand tall, and push their agenda for over 50 years and they are still doing just that today.

He should never have receive a 35 year sentence, and even after completing that sentence this vicious system still wanted more blood from him, and his brethren. They refused to release him until he was sick, and on his dying bed. They didn’t even give him, a year of life in the free world with his family.

If you haven’t heard of MOVE, THE MOVE 9, or THE OSAGE BOMBING, then you need to listen to and watch these YouTube videos. I promise you they will blow you mind.

This is black history that America does her best to keep hidden. This is a history that we need to show our kids, in order for them to see the complete disregard for black lives, where a city government will call in a helicopter, drop a bomb on a house, destroying an entire city block, killing men, women, and kids.

You will be missed Mr. Del, and you will never be forgotten.

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