COVID Numbers & “Treatment”

The Pennsylvania Department Of Corrections decided to finally test the entire prison population after several lawsuits were filed by family members of prisoners who’ve died from COVID-19. The results were overwhelming. Out of about 2000 prisoners housed at this prison (SCI DALLAS) 774 tested positive. This is not counting the post positive cases which numbered 168. Basically almost 50% of this prison population contracted COVID-19.

Now the prison is separating positives from negatives, and have split the prison into two different sides. Needless to say these past few weeks have been much more stressful than the past 9 months in which we’ve been on complete lockdown and although I’m grateful that they’ve finally taken some real measures to protect us, I’m sadden by the men who’ve died due to their hesitancy to act sooner.

For those of us living in these dungeons, everyday is nerve wrecking and you wake up praying that you don’t have this virus, because you know that the treatment you’ll receive will not be efficient, and there’ll be a strong possibility that your worst fear of dying behind these walls alone will come true.

The prisoners who’ve beat the virus and have returned to population have told us how they just pack them in the gymnasium, and they only treat you once you have respiratory complications, anything else you’re given Tylenol, and just have to wait it out. There’s only one toilet and one shower for the entire gym, and for those who are in dire need of care they’re taken to a single cell where they then wait until they believe it’s worth sending them to an outside hospital, and that’s where the deaths have taken place.

I mentioned in a previous blog how we watched one man die on the stretcher after being made to clean himself after he’d dedicated on himself, but could barely move.

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