Female Counselor Assaulted

I mentioned in a previous blog that a female counselor was assaulted here @SCI Dallas about a month or two ago. Her name is Ms. White. When I first came to this prison on a disciplinary transfer in 2012 she was a correctional officer here, then she was promoted to Sergeant. She later decided to make a move to being a counselor I believe back in 2016 or 2017.

My personal opinion of her is that she is a decent lady and she dealt with the majority of the prisoners with respect. However I don’t believe she understood the dynamics of how her new position as a counselor would entail her having a more in depth understanding each prisoner’s psyche than she would as a correctional officer. She basically viewed everybody in a nutshell.

Pennsylvania’s prison system schedules prisoners under codes. For example if someone has a Z code placed on them that means they have to be housed in a single cell. That person may have a history of assaulting cell mates, or he may be a sexual predator who preys on cell mates. A lot of prisoners serving sentences of life without parole (or Death By Means Of Incarceration) have Z Codes, and that is their only incentive to behave.

A few years ago the administration here began to remove prisoner’s Z codes and Ms. White had removed the inmate’s Z Code who assaulted her. He is a lifer who people here call, “Count”. He was just released from the RHU (Solitary confinement) for threatening an officer, and the next day he assaulted Ms. White. He saw her walking down the tier and attacked her viciously. Two male correctional officers working the unit restrained him, and needless to say they beat the dog shit out of him, and took him back to the RHU (solitary confinement) The local news reported the story, and she wasn’t released from the hospital until three weeks after the attack.

I believe that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections need to do more regarding prisoners who suffer from mental illnesses. I was on the unit with this prisoner for

about 8 years, and it was evident to anybody who paid the lease bit of attention that this prisoner is mentally ill. The man would stand at the corner of his cell gate for hours on end, and literally peep with one eye out the side of the cell gate as if no one could see him. He would come down the shower maybe once a week, and when he did he would be the loudest one in the communal showers. As soon as he would walk in he would yell “Yas Sirrrrrrrrr!”.

I mean he’s serving his punishment for his actions, but who does the DOC (Department Of Corrections) have to answer to for failing to protect their staff? I’m sure she will be filing a law suit, and rightfully so, but the tax payers will be the ones responsible for covering that tab. So again who will answer for The Department of Correction’s short comings?

Due to COVID-19 @SCI Dallas has been on lockdown over 8 months. Not once has a psychologist or a psychiatrist stopped by my door and asked me am I okay. 8 months!!! Locked in a cell for 23½ hours a day. One 15 minute shower, and one 15 phone call, and on some days we don’t even get a phone call. So yeah these people need to face some sort of accountability when their lack of responsibility comes at such a high price.

I wish Ms. White and her family nothing but wellness, as well as Count and his family.

Be safe…

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