Today something happened that I haven’t seen in general population in almost 10 years… SOLIDARITY! Being as though the unit I’m currently being housed on is under “enhanced lockdown”, the rules are extremely strict. Once a prisoner tests positive for COVID-19 then that housing unit is placed on enhanced lockdown for 14 days. During those 14 days only one cell is allowed out at a time in order to use the phone and sync our tablets (to send and receive emails).

There’s 86 cells on this block, so if they actually run one cell at a time then they’ll only be able to run half the block in a day and everyone won’t receive a call daily. None of the regular block officers stick to one cell at a time, they all allow us out two cells at a time and everybody is able to call their loved ones once a day.

Today guards came on to work the 2-10 shift who aren’t regulars on this unit. One is a younger male, and the other was an extremely overweight middle aged female. They informed us that they would only be running one cell at a time for phone and kiosk. We tried to explain that will not work, and they didn’t care.

When chow came to the block they hit the workers doors to pass out trays, and everybody began to yell out of the cells for the workers to go back in and let the guards do their job. Because DOC policy states that when a unit is under an enhanced lockdown then officers have to pass out the trays.

To everyone’s surprise the workers went in and made the guards pass them out. Imagine this duo trying to lift three carts up flights of stairs and pass out over 170 trays. Needless to say they struggled but completed the task. They thought they won. But then we demanded our apples. Now they started thinking about passing out over 170 apples, and before they got started we let them know that if the empty trays weren’t collected we would be throwing them on the tier. They capitulated and agreed to run two cells at a time in exchange for the the workers to come out.

Be Safe

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