Grim Reality

With movement behind these walls being extremely limited as of late, my experiences that I share with you all will be pretty much limited as well.

I finally had the opportunity to step off of the unit today in order to go pick up my legal mail. I hadn’t even realized that’s it’s been over a month since I had a chance to breath fresh air. Walking through the prison felt like an out of body experience. Instead of seeing prisoners everywhere, all you see on the compound are wash stations, and bright red signs, informing everyone to wear masks.

As I passed the gymnasium, I saw they were building cubicle like structures, and come to find out this will be used as housing for prisoners who are infected with Covid-19. I’m not sure the numbers but rumors are that the virus has entered a few jails, some by the hundreds, and the DOC (Department Of Corrections) has been in the process of transferring all infected prisons to one or two prisons.

This was the reality that we all feared, and all we can do is play it as safe as possible and just hope that we don’t become infected with the virus. As I watch the news and I fathom over the disproportionate numbers regarding the lives that this virus has claimed one can only wonder, why exactly are blacks making up 70% of these deaths. My guess is that the impoverished aren’t being provided with the same level of treatment as those who are better off, so where does that leave prisoners once we’re infected? Seems like we are as good as dead.

Me personally, I’m gonna be taking every precaution to ensure I don’t get infected. Just last year I was fated to die behind these walls, and being fortunate enough to have overturned that life sentence, the last thing I need is to let this virus take me out. I come to far for that. I advise everybody else to do the same, and secure themselves to their best ability. We know times are rough, but better days are to come.

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