Penitentiary Playas

One of the many flaws of being on lock down in prison is there’s usually no escape. Since this pandemic has begun I’ve had no choice but to bear the brunt of hearing my fellow prisoners express themselves to each other on the gates.

One prisoner in particular, named Yusef, never fails to surprise me. When this pandemic first hit, he sent a SOS out to his mom and dad, informing them that we were going on lockdown and he needed as much money as possible in order to have food to eat.

He immediately got on the gates bragging about how his parents sent “their boy” $600, and how much commissary he is gonna order. It didn’t cross him that he should ration his funds, and stretch his ends in order to make them last, instead he didn’t hesitate to borrow from this ones and that one, until he was able to get his commissary.

Tonight I’m listening to him, cuss his “friend” out from the top tier, because in his words he’s “fake as shit” for not sharing the bowls he made with his celly, knowing he’s on empty. We have $100 spending limits weekly, so in order for him to be on empty he had to have been maxing out the limit every week.

It’s just a sad sight, and it’s indicative as to why the recidivism rate is so high in this country. If we don’t take the time to learn the value of a dollar on our own, then most likely it will never be taught to us. Some are fortunate enough to have a natural inclination towards consciousness, and with time we learn via our own experiences how brainwashed and misguided we really are.

I remember the first time I questioned myself as to the value of a dollar. I was watching Divorce Court, and the Judge (Lynn Toler), advised a couple to stop being a pipeline. She explained how we work for this millionaire, get paid pennies, and then act as a pipeline to the next millionaire who we spend those pennies with. Its the poor remaining poor while insuring that the rich stay rich.

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