Precautionary vs. Punitive

For the past four weeks the DOC (Department Of Corrections) has been implementing precautionary measures in order to prevent the spread of Covid19 within the institutions.

Each prisoner is allotted three phones calls day. One call in the morning, one call in the afternoon and one call at night. Once your 15 minute call ends you must immediately return to your cell. We are also given 15 minutes to shower and fill our water bottles. Once the 15 minute time slot is up you immediately return to your cell.

Last week an additional 15 minutes was given to us in order to use the kiosk, where we can send and receive emails. That is the extent of the movement here at this institution. Everybody understand the need for this restricted movement, but I believe that some of the officers misconstrue precautionary with punitive.

These 15 minute phone slot are constantly being reduced for no reason what so ever, and when you ask them why we didn’t receive our 15 minutes we are meet with a mace can being snatched from a holster and being told to return to our cells.

When it’s time for a door to be popped for a call, they intentionally take way too long to get up and hit the door knowing that every minute will equal a minute lost from that individual’s phone call.

For example let’s say that inmate one had a one o’clock call. He puts his sign out at 12:55. The guard doesn’t hit the door until 1:05, now inmate one only gets 10 minutes to speak to his family or friends, when he was supposed to have 15.

People will naturally take stances defending the guards or telling me to stop complaining, but reality is no one is asking for extra, the only thing expected is the bare minimum. We are basically on 23 hour lock down, and the least we need to maintain sanity is a 15 minute relief which happens to be a phone call.

The entity that these guards represent acknowledge this, and allot us this, so why is it so difficult for them to simply do their jobs?

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