Prison Recipes (Chee Chee)

Most people wonder what we eat in our cells being as though the food that the prison serves is barely edible. One of the most popular meals prisoners make is called a “Chee Chee”.

Before I explain how to make a Chee Chee, I want to clear the air because people who’ve been to jail, and the penitentiary will have something to say about my opinion of this being the most “popular meal”. For clarity this is the most popular meal in county jails, not state penitentiaries.


2 Packs Of Ramen Noodles. 1 Small Bag Of Cheese Puffs.1 Slim Jim. Onion & Sugar.


1) Take 2 packs of Ramen Noodles, and throw them against the floor (repeatedly) until they are broken up into crumbs (I prefer chili flavor ramen noodles)

2) Put the Noddles into a Tupperware bowl with a sealable lid.

3) Put one pack of seasoning on the noodles.

4) Take the empty Ramen Noodle pack and fill it up with cheese puffs.

5) Crush the Cheese Puffs up, and spread them on top of the Noodles and seasoning.

6) Take a slim Jim, chop it into slices, and add to Tupperware bowl.

7) Add a little bit of a minced onion, and one table spoon of sugar.

8) This is the most important part. Take some boiled water, and pour it on top. Be sure not to add too much water. The water should barely exceed the top of your Noodles.

9) Mix it up until it’s thick and everything is mixed together evenly.

10) Smooth it out like a pie, and let sit for 30 minutes.

When done it should be thick, and you should almost have to cut into it with your spoon. It won’t look pretty but it will taste better than what they serve here, and it will definitely fill you up. AND it only costs about one dollar. Let me know what you think.

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I think someone needs to mail in a cookbook for inmates LOL but I get it that’s what you got to eat filling compared to what you got at dinner when I was in I just actually made the ramen noodle soup but are we next to nothing it doesn’t take much to fill my belly I rarely ate what they need for breakfast lunch and dinner but I will say I never had cornbread until I was in there and when they put the little white sprinkler stuff on it with that powdered sugar and sometimes it’s not cooked… Read more »