Stimulus Checks

On September 24, 2020, a federal court granted inmates the opportunity to receive CARES ACT ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENTS/ STIMULUS CHECKS (see Scholl v. Mnuchin).

This was a surprise to both prisoners and correctional officers. Central office instructed all unit teams to provide every prisoner with a 1040 tax form upon request. Needless to say they (unit teams) did not make this an easy process. All we heard for weeks was, “what the fuck do ‘yous’ need money for, we feed ya”, or “welfare checks on the way”. Basically the typical slurs expected from rotten individuals such as most of the staff here.

Now there was a lot of taunting from the prisoners also. My neighbor being one of them. Once the counselor gave him his 1040 form he (my neighbor) then proceeded to ask him if he had an extra envelope because he didn’t want to use any of his postage paid envelopes being as how the state was being so generous. The counselor’s face turned so red, and I will admit that I was bent over in here laughing hard. The counselor just blurted, “fucking idiot” and walked away lol.

Prisoners are human beings also. I mean how can one be angry because we received a check? Most prisoners need their families in order to survive, but with this pandemic amongst us, most of our families can’t keep a roof over their heads, let alone help put a soup their loved one’s cabinet. Since the lockdown, all the food has been prepared by staff, and 90% of it is not edible. It was hard not going hungry behind these walls before there was COVID, now it’s next to impossible without help from the outside. You have to hold your nose to eat this trash, and hope your stomach is strong enough to keep it down.

These people know this, and they love seeing our faces when they get to our cells, and present the slop of the day. Usually with some clown ass theatrics like “come on man, my dog can eat this shit so I know you can” smh.

Be Safe & Mask Up

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