Trump’s Use of Nazi Rhetoric

I have a hard time understanding how there’s any doubt regarding the depth of racism in this country. Donald Trump won the Presidency using blatant, racist rhetoric, and for anyone to argue to the contrary is simply in denial.

What does the making of America great “again” insinuate? To make America great once more insinuates that the America of old represented greatness. The America who kidnapped, raped, maimed, dehumanized, sold human beings as chattel, ripped babies from their mother’s arms, used religion to manipulate, hung black boys from trees simply for whistling at a white woman, bombed churches killing black kids, assassinated activists who refused their oppression, denied blacks the right to vote, to share a bathroom, a classroom, a bus or even a damn water fountain. The America whose hate ran so deep she would assassinate her own president, not once but twice, before she would allow “us” to be treated equally.

This was America for 400+ years, it hasn’t even been sixty years since the assassination of MLK, so any America of old that Donald Trump is referring to has to include these atrocities. To support someone who bolsters such a vile rhetoric, is supporting the clear repercussions that his rhetoric incites.

These cops killing blacks, these hate crimes against the Jewish communities, Black churches, and communities that are made up of mostly migrants, are all acts committed by individuals feeding off of this president’s rhetoric.

I spoke to a white associate of mine, and he explained that Trump’s base isn’t necessarily racists, rather they may have their own agenda, be it a tax break, better jobs etc, that caused them to vote for him. My reply to him is that they are racist if they support a racist. If their greed, and self perseverance, outweigh their moral compass, and they choose to save money on taxes, rather than saving the lives of those who do not have the same privilege that comes with being born white, then they are racist, and they have just

as much blood on their hands as the bigot they voted into office.

As I side note. Yesterday former defense secretary Mattis made a statement speaking out against the division that Trump is creating within this country, and the rhetoric he chooses to use. He mentioned that the war moniker that Nazi Germany once used was divided and conquer, and that division, is the same division that the Trump is trying to create in America.

These statements coming from one of the most renowned generals in the history of this country is a perfect example of what we need to heal in solidarity. If you have privilege then use it. No matter how big your voice is or how small, the combined effect will produce the desired outcome.

The issues we are facing today are not blue and red issues, the issues we are facing today are life and death issues. This man is trying to divide this country and literally set it back 100 years. So thank you General Matti’s, and everybody else you has been using their voice, their protest, their dialogs etc. to help save our lives.

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