It’s been a while since I’ve posted any blogs. Since COVID has entered the scene things have been extremely tumultuous behind these walls. As a refresher the prisons in PA have been on complete lockdown since the end on March. We were moving towards a more relaxed movement and more cells were being allowed out at once for an hour a day, but that progress was thwarted when the first COVID case entered the prison about 3 months ago.

A counselor (Ms White) was attacked by an inmate (which I’ll elaborate on in a future blog) and in turn the warden/superintendent called in guards from all over the state to shake the entire prison down. This is supposed to serve as a deterrent because when outside officers come in they take EVERYTHING from us. From underclothes down to spoons. Clearly this is how COVID entered into the prison, because we’d went four months prior to this without any cases.

Needless to say central office has condemned the superintendent for this idiotic decision and he’s being replaced by one of his predecessors. The unit I’m housed on holds around 150 prisoners, and about 35 of them are hospitalized. Last week the first prisoner on this unit died. We watched for 3 hours as the guards and medical staff stood at his door, demanding that he clean himself up (he’d defecated himself) before they placed him on the stretcher. He was so weak it took him three hours to do so.

Once he was placed on the stretcher he defecated himself again, and died in front of everybody. That’s how bad things have gotten in here. We haven’t had a hour of recreation in months, and we’re lucky if we get one phone call a day. I’ve never shied away from my past, and I’ve always accepted and tried to learn from my missteps. This is the 100% truth… I’ve never been this nervous for my life, not even when I was knee deep in the streets with my life on the line daily. Our lives are literally up for grabs behind these walls.

Be Safe People

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