Will We Ever Wake Up?!

Today the jail passed out order forms in order for prisoners to order wraps. I never had a wrap, but I guess this is a thing. It’s a wrap made out of flour, and they put turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on there also. They cost $6.50.

The same company seeking these wraps was on the local news explaining how they were going out of business due to the Convid-19 lockdown. These businesses are in this county, which is a red district, and they support mandatory minimums, and life without parole sentences. So why are the prisoners supporting them, when they don’t support us? They don’t even believe we deserve second chances, yet we band together and secure their livelihood. Really?

I can’t understand for the life of me how we take these ironclad stances against each other, and hold each other accountable to highest degree when one wrongs the other, but not only don’t we harbor any I’ll will against those who openly despise us, and could care less if we ever return to our families, or die behind these walls, but we spend our already poor families hard earned money supporting these people.

They wave a hoagie, or a wrap in front of these dudes and they are all over it, and never do they even suggest that the prison allow us to support small businesses from our city (Philadelphia), which has been hit just as hard as these counties if not harder. Let us put our money back into our community.

These people do any and everything to keep us sleep. I wrote a book, “Judged By 12”, and these people went above and beyond to ensure that I understood that no “inmate” is to author any publication, and that my book would never enter their prisons. Even had the nerve to question any I won’t just do my time like everyone else. It’s just sad.

All in all if you haven’t purchased a copy of my book, please do so. I appreciate any support that I can get. Just use the link in the side bar and please rate the book on Amazon. Thanks.

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Alix Witthoft

This is dispicable!! (not you, the sandwich people and their access!) I hope you’re spreading the word about it among the other folks who are locked up with you and I hope they are taking an interest in what you have to say. If there’s anything folks like me on the outside can do to help support you in getting people to boycott this on the inside (eg, I’d totally pledge to send a care package to folks inside who pledge to boycott those wraps), let me know!